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Hello, it's me Ericka , owner of DazzlingPassion . This is my Personal Blog.

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I'm just a simple blogger who wants to share happiness to the world. I have a wonderful family and a great circle of friends, I guess you can say that I'm lucky for having them... I can easily fit in with others too but I find it hard to trust anyone easily. I don't know why... >_< hehehe but even though I'm in this kind of environment, i feel that there's something missing, I'm happy but not totally so I decided to make this blog... Hoping that I can find what I am looking for here.. Please take care of me from now on..
Just what..
  • Today looks like my lucky day! hahahah! I don’t know why but I feel so lucky.. Do you know why??
Hello! I wanna share my grades to you! &lt;3 I&#8217;m so happy I&#8217;ve maintain my Scholarship! &lt;3 Hope I can keep it up&#160;! My dream is to be a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT!!! I will do anything to reach my dream, Help me Ok?!
Still a Scholar!
  • Whoooshh! I’m still a scholar hahaha! Saw my grades just now ..OMGGG! so happpyyyy! I’ve still manage to maintain 90% plus hihihih! Really happy today! Cheers!
Welcome my cousin Anne!
  • Yeyy! today is a fine day.. my cousin came here for vacation ! hahah! I won’t be bored again yaayyyy!!!! Hope we can have fun memories together :) 

starli-ghts said: promo for promo ? :)

I can’t, this is my personal blog dear :) I don’t promote ..

Singing until my voice won’t come out!
  • There’s nothing else to doooo!
Oh bored XO!

 aww, SO HOT HERE! I want rain! rain! rain! Anyone ? HELP?? 

  • Well, How’s my day today? hmm, B-O-R-I-N-G! I don’t know what else I can do besides blogging.. Everyone is busy here that I can’t even speak to them. huhuhu what to do..? But anyway, Just updated my personal blog.. Ask me anything if you want :) I’ll be waiting . That’s all.
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